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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hurry in, and for a limited time while they last, get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. >> good morning, and welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson. we'll get to our top stories in just a minute, but first let's look at the weather with meteorologist john collins. >> we're still talk about -- talking about snow here. in the sierras they have two feet of snow. the same storms coming this way, and we're still cold enough that when one of these tracks to our south, we may pick up a little snow here in baltimore, too. so don't put -- well, you already have your warm clothes back out, because we have this
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cold shot of air that's been with us since the middle of the week. it is still with us. the rainy part in tennessee and arkansas. it is all coming together. tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll deal with it. the forecast in a minute. >> and remember, you can track storms using our interactive radar. it shows you where the storms are now and where they are headed. go to there's a link at the top of the home page. >> attacked by a man sworn to protect him. >> despite allegations cole westin remains on the job. even though a commercial driver claims westin punched him and
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asalled him. off-duty cole westin assaulted him. westin appeared agitated. >> after he saw my passenger, he said, do you have the right to be in this area? i am like, what's going on? >> according to the police report, westin cursed at the victim and pounded on his car. >> he is punching. after the punching, he goes back and putting the gun into my face. i'm almost -- i'm honest with you -- i'm peed my pants. i'm very scared. i'm almost heart attack. >> two people called 911, including westin. the 911 operator advised that
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westin sounded intoxicated. a police spokesman said criminal charges be filed before he is suspended. westin denies wrongdoing. >> it is very funny for me. >> what is that? >> police acting like that. you don't see anywhere police acting like that. >> the state's attorney's office. in baltimore county, sheldon dutez. some >> while county executive jack johnson faces a host of federal charges, his wife leslie has been charged with tearing up a $100,000 check from a developer. she allegedly tore it up after investigators showed up at her
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home. she's chadged with witness and evidence tampering. >> state leaders tapping the breaks on health care reform. lawmakers are looking to create the same health care coverage but no changes allowed without general semireply approval. more in our session 2011 coverage. >> this is what health care reform looks like in its unbridled form. it is a republican creation. the point not lost on those seeking to establish a system to expand health care coverage in maryland. in a sudden and remarkable reversal of intent, the benefit exchange act has been changed. >> this bill, as i understand it, as amended, slows things down quite a bit, because it turns the bill basically into a study. >> where anything can be
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initiated. for anything to be enacted, it has to come back to the governor, it has to come back to the general assembly, and we have to pass legislation to move forward. >> it is more than just a study. the legislation still establishes the frame work of a health benefit exchange. and it creates a board of trustees to study it. the first round of recommendations are due september 23rd. since the beginning of the session, the g.o.p. caucus mantra has been slow down. let's not rush into anything. >> take a deep breath in the state of maryland until other things are figured out. >> these principles include medical malpractice reform. >> it still establishes the governans of health care exchange by 2013.
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goals include reducing the number of uninsured. reducing qualified health plans for victims and businesses through tax credits and cost-sharing options. a nine-member board of trustees will oversee the program, but it can't act without enabling legislation. the g.o.p. caucus may have forced a compromise, but its members are seeking to protect funds that going into the legislation as well. >> make it into a nonprofit. we're trying to figure out, if it is inside, how do we protect it short of a constitutional amendment. we do not want this to be a biggy bank for bailing out the funds. >> discussions underway to turn this independent unit of government into a nonprofit to protect its funds from being raided. in annapolis, john collins. >> also state senators approve a bill giving residents that use marijuana for medicinal purposes a legal defense. right now, if someone is caught using the drug they face a a
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$100 fine and a misdemeanor misdemeanor. >> if an individual is charged and they can show medical necessity, a judge shall find them innocent. the house is considering its own proposal. >> buying your favorite alcoholic beverage could become a bit more expensive. a new 3% tax on alcohol in the hopes of closing the state's budget gap. the 11:00ee would be applied on top of the sales tax would be phased in over the neck three years. the proposal has to be approved by the full senate, the house of dell gaste gates, and governor o'malley, before taking effect. >> baltimore county investigators are trying to figure out what started a two-alarm fire that gutted one home and damaged two others. sky team 11 caught flames.
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they quickly spread to a neighboring home before crews got it under control. >> in the neighboring house we have enough damage that people won't be able to inhabity that -- inhabit that house either. >> coming up, a plan for the latest on radiation. officials calling for residents to evacuate now. >> how can beef jerky or dried rice save your pet cell phone. we'll show you how next. >> first a live look outside. >> snow? really, john? really? >> well, we have your insta-weather plus forecast whether we like it or not. coming up after a short break. don't g
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[ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. >> tonight on the chilly side, but we have clear size and the moon is out. it doesn't feel like the end of march. it is cold. take a look at the radar. high pressure over us. that's what's giving us the nice weather now. to the southwest and west you
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see the next storm trying to pull itself together. with the high pressure, the storm will try to go under it. more on that in a minute. it is not stormy now. take a look at the current conditions. it is cold. 54% the humidity. pretty dry atmosphere. the winds are talm because of that. further east we pick up a light northwesterly breeze in advance of that storm coming in. parkton down to 28. frederick one of the chillier spots. down to 19 at oakland. satellite picture shows the
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clouds. more eastern shore. but again we have clear skies overhead. just off the delmarva coast. this area of high pressure cold, dense, air is keeping us 10 degrees below the seasonal average. as far as temperatures are concerned, we have a little disturbance moving through. and the next disturbance is trying to get put together out west now. with this high pressure system, it will force this storm to move to the south of us. we'll be on the cold edge as it moves through. today we'll pick clouds up. 42 to 47 for the high. northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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futurecast shows all the action to the south. by 3:00 in the morning we see snow on our doorstep. this band of snow will be in the area. by 3:00 in the afternoon, the storm will start to pull away. we are not the prime arget, but we have a chance for snow as this comes through tonight and tomorrow. cloudy skies and temperatures around freezing or so. advisories out for heavier snow in virginia and west virginia. so trace amounts or up to an inch of snow. that's what the computer is calling for. you may see one to two inches of snow with more significant snow to our south. heavier snow south of baltimore. 38 the high.
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mostly in the morning. then dry weather monday and tuesday, but cold into the 40's. rain chances wednesday and friday. >> two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami. the u.n. secretary general urged countries around the world to reassess nuclear safety. daldal is -- kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> radiation levels in the plant spiked. three workers were taken out of the plant behind a tarp after their feet were contaminated. japan's prime minister called the entire situation grave with little reason for optimism. >> the government is stepping up monitoring efforts to control the radiation. >> people living within 18 miles previously told to stay in-doors
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were urged to consider evacuation. while officials tried to determine where exactly the brief was, critics of nuclear power were quick to speak out. >> there is no safe radiation dose. >> a leading russian expert on cher noble -- chyrnoble urged them to close the plants. >> i think there are less densely populated areas for this, certainly not new york city. >> a closer look at their emergency plan. >> we have eight emergency diesel generators. >> today they invited reporters inside. insisting while they will continue to learn from japan, they already think they could withstand the worst-case scenario.
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>> major changes ahead for workers of the u.s. postal service. >> plus nintendo has gone three commentional. there is more than gaming. a preview coming up. >> and attention saavy shoppers. a bargain when we come
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>> in "consumer alert" sweeping cuts coming to the u.s. postal service. administrative positions being cut as part of an ongoing reorganization process. they will offer buy-out incentives for people at least
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50 years old and 20 years of service. they announced closing seven district offices. >> nissan considering moving some engine production from japan to the u.s. at one plant car factories could face serious shortages in japanese-made parts by the middle of next month. meanwhile, their plant will operate through full production through april but may halt at any point. >> a new dimension in the world of hand-held gaming coming out tomorrow. it is the third dimension. where nintendo is taking the introduction of 3-d. >> 3-d hads been a hot commodity on the big screen. and now it is about to hit the tiny screen. nintendo's 3-d gaming device.
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>> dan ackerman said the 3-d effect is not actual game play but it does add visual plear. >> it recedes into the background pretty far. >> in fact, nintendo discourages use to avoid an adverse effect on eyesight development. >> in is a slider switch on the side right here. so if you slide the switch down, it takes the 3-d away and goes back to 2-d. for users that can't get enough -- >> i can take a photo, and view the photo in 3-d. >> recorded 3-d will also be available by summer. 3-d's is almost -- price is
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almost twice as much. >> if people accept t. that's a whole new market. if they reject it, that could lead to potential products getting scrapped. >> apple's ipad and itouch making inroads into gaming. they hope it gives sales an extra dimension. >> and nintendo has sold part of the devices over the past three years. >> don't go away. we have a look at events going on around town.
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>> the designer-saavy shopper chomping at the bit. the boutique sale warehouse hopes this morning. as we found out, not only can you find good deals on designer fashions, but half the proceeds go to charity. >> there are deals galore behind the timonium shopping plaza for the 10th annual junior league of baltimore warehouse sale. >> 50% off. in some cases, 75% off of designer fashion. >> over 3,500 local boutiques. a one-stop shoth shop. >> you can find anything from a new dress to pajamas and everything in between. >> getting married? there are over 100 wedding
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dresses here in every size and style, and over 200 evening gowns for half off retail price. looking for a spring or summer dress? all kinds to choose from. there are kids clothes, men's ware, designer hand bags and shoes. >> 50% of the retailers go to support junior charities. a big one being a program to end childhood obesity. >> we have a program called kids in the kitchen. it is a wonder event. next year we are rolling out a curriculum which we will offer to the community. >> the junior league provides leadership training and is say community service organization which is nearly 100 years old. this sale is a huge fund-raiser for the league, and good finds go fast. >> this is their tent sale, and over time people watch out for it every year, and they come
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ready, 10:00 saturday morning, ready to shop. so 10:00 this morning, it opens up. sometimes they say they have lines forming at the door, but it is nice that it goes to childhood obesity. >> this is all new from local boutiques. >> 6:27. john, you cannot go to the sale right now. he was on his way out the door, guys. >> 6:27. 29 degrees on tv hill. >> coming up, a look at our top stories. p president -- president obama speaks to the nation about the libyan strike. >> and information about a new baltimore city school. >> and high pressure over us. clear skies now. a beautiful sunrise this morning. there is a storm brewing out west. the forecast details ahead.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks so much for joining us. chilly and changes coming. >> we had a weather disturbance over the area, and someone may have gotten a flurry or sprinkle out of it. our temperatures this morning are right down around freezing.
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it is a beautiful sunrise. an absolutely gorgeous sunrise. the first light of dawn is coming out. high pressure overhead. it is cold, dense air though. it reaches up into canada. still a lot of snow on the ground from the great lakes northward. that's helping to chill the air. you notice on the radar, to our west, there is rain in tennessee, pam bam, mississippi, and snow in nebraska and the dakotas and that is headed this way. so the details of the forecast involve that storm moving in tonight. i'll have it all for you in just a minute. stick around. remember, you can track storms using our interactive radar. there is a link at the top of the home page. >> taking a look now at some of our top stories, investigators searching for the cause of a fire in baltimore county. sky team 11 was in the 7500 block of carson avenue in east
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point yesterday. when firefighters arrived they found one home fully engulfed in flames. apparently a pet died in the fire. no reports of any human injuries. >> a hostage situation ended peacefully yesterday after the suspect turned himself in. police say an armed man held a woman hostage for hours. it all happened around 10:30 on the 2700 block of cherry hill road. roads were shut down and local schools on lockdown until the suspect surreppedered. -- surrendered. >> president obama will deliver a speech to the nation expected to cover the path ahead and his rationale about the appropriate use of force. the president will also respond to criticism from lawmakers who say they should have been con sulted in advance.
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in education alert, the baltimore design school. a place where students can develop their creative talents. tim tooten has that story. >> the baltimore design school will start off in the old middle school building in northeast baltimore. it won't stay for long. they have plans to eventually move the program to the city's north bart's district. its president, a co-chairman, said the city's new design school is way overdue. >> the amount of creativity that kids graduate from high school with is dropping at a rather steady pace as we get into teaching kids basics without problem solving, without looking at solutions we are not helping ourselves. >> the school that opens with sixth and seventh graders.
6:34 am
>> interested in these kinds of careers, fashions. >> it's not just relating to clothing and design, it really provides the opportunity for children to be creative. >> already students at mica have agreed to work along side future designers. >> school staff is onboard. >> we have three of our faculty on the board with me. >> the school opens with 150 seventh graders. >> schools get to attend by way of a lottery system. we are told there are slots available for seventh graders. >> to find out more, welcome -- go to our web site at and click on
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education. >> governor o'malley said he strongly supports the idea of merging -- it is an idea we told you about this week. right now baltimore separates its medical and professional schools. a proposal is going to study how a merger could be carried out and has been included in the senate budget language. >> state school superintendent nancy grasmick will be our guest tomorrow on "11 news sunday morning." e-mail your questions to sundayquestions @ >> a suspect in the shooting with two georgia police officers has surrendered. jamie hood came out of his house in athens, georgia. he reportedly told police he would only surrender if it was
6:36 am
covered on television. police had been searching for him since tuesday after he shot two officers killing one and wounding another. >> the mayor of a suburbia philadelphia town is tead -- dead after a skydiving accident. his main chute failed to open. his emergency chute failed to deploy also. >> it probably happened to you. you accidentally dropped your cell phone in the toilet. >> what's it doing in the toilet anyway. >> rice and beef jerky. we'll explain. >> on a lighter note, the cherry blossom festival is about to
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>> we go to reporter -- >> on the eve of the blossom festival. temperatures in the 30's had kept crowds at bay. >> i am surprised. i was concerned it was going to be crowded because of the season and because of the trees and everything. >> still 30 people out to see the blossoms fofert first time. like this family that moved from
6:40 am
california. >> we walked around and it is beautiful. >> the blossoms are beautiful. the national parks service predicts the people -- next thursday through friday 70% of the blossoms will be open. snow will not have an affect. why? >> the majority of the blossoms are not out. the petal to the stem are very strong. once they are up for a couple days and you get a heavy wind, then they will start falling down. this shouldn't affect them at all. the photography instructor is going to bring his class. >> people come around to shoot pictures. all year long i'm hearing from my client. can we go up to cherry blossom time? people plan this six months out.
6:41 am
now >> in that story they skirt around the snow ishe. really what the snow will do is add a little white to those trees. it should be a sticky snow, a wet snow when it does fall. more on that in a minute. we have pry pressure over-- we have high pressure and a bule sunrise this morning. alabama, georgia, mississippi, rain. and further north, when you get into northern cans -- kansas and [captions made possible by mlb network], it is snow. that system is pulling together and it be -- and it will be moving east. gorgeous out this morning. inner harbor 35. 54% the humidity. the winds are calm at the moment. so that tends to -- the winds
6:42 am
don't come from any direction, really. the high will slide east, and then we will become more northwesterly. we will get a small breeze out of it. park ton is 28. westminster 27. 25 in pred rick. here are the clouds. you can see the line. at baltimore it is clear. if something does come up, it will be filtered a little by these clouds to the east and it should be just gorgeous. we pull back further, here is the high pressure overhead. really is the southern part of a ridge of high pressure, as we call it, that reaches back into canada. all snow on the ground in canada. that helps to chill the air a little bit. in high isn't going far. the lower part of it may shift east. so the storm coming from the west, there have been a series
6:43 am
of them coming off the pacific ocean. they don't -- can't break through this, so they get pushed around it. it will of object to the southern edge of the high. you kind of see the line here. that's the path that's -- this developing storm will take. that really does mean snow for us. we'll pick up clouds later on today. chilly. 42 to 47. that's about 10 degrees below the seasonal average. northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. futurecast shows the activity of the storm about 4:00 thursday morning. snow will be on our doorstep. there is a band of snow. the cold air north of the storm, it is a rain maker. and the mountains will tend to produce a little more snow out of this than we will here at the
6:44 am
bay and as far north as the baltimore area. then there will be several hours where we will see snow in the area. by afternoon, the system is pulling out of the picture, and then we kind of dry out. tonight's forecast, cloudy. 29 to 35. perfect temperature for snow. winter weather advisories. where the significant snow will fall. how much snow? maybe up to around an fch or so in baltimore. an inch or better south of us. 1 to 3 inches. further south. then 3, 4, 5 inches of snow in the mountains to the west. you can see baltimore really isn't a prime target here. less than ann an inch of snow is more than likely. so 45 today. only 38 tomorrow. snow in the morning and early afternoon before it leaves. sunshine monday and tuesday. in the 40's for highs. 50's at the end of the week with
6:45 am
rain chances for wednesday and friday. >> if its happened to you, you are not alone. last week jurgen melzer talked about dropping his -- lowell melzer talked about dropping his iphone in the potty you could get it wet also in the sink. you are going clo to blow the lid on some designs. you have some cool tips. what is the first thing you do when your cell phone gets wet? >> if it is on, turn it off. make sure -- ideally you want to pull the battery out of it. if it has a battery, take it off as soon as you can. the battery you are not too worried about because it only has three main contacts and it is good. so wipe it down as good as you can but then the next step is trying to get that moisture out of your cell phone because it will be underneath the screen and in the device. >> you have a cool way of how to do that.
6:46 am
>> if you have little silica gel packets, they come in beef jerky or electronics as well. >> you would need a lot to fill this container. >> so you would open your bag of rice. >> oach up the bag of rice -- open up the bag of rice and put it in a container. then you take your device. you submerge it in the rice. cover it as much as possible. seal the container. usually about three or four days. the rice will absorb the moisture, it will take it and expand the device but it will take the moisture out of the device. i have done it, and it has made quite a few phones come back. sometimes it does not work, but
6:47 am
it is better than throwing your device away. >> you can do spring cleaning of your electronic appliances. you sadse keyboards. what can you do with your compute every keyboards? >> you see a lot of people, they sit at their computer keyboards and it accumulates all this junk. so if you have a hard-wired keyboard, you can take it and put it through your dishwasher. let it air dry for 24 hours, and it will work again just fine. >> and this is with the cord? >> with the cord and everything. as long as it has a cord. the nment cordless have too many electronics in them. >> this is your cell phone survival kit. >> yes. >> rice and tupper ware.
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you can find more of the geek squad's tips at first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. --
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness." candace grasso brought along a member of the family. >> thank you for inviting me. >> you guys are just back from a major -- virginia beach. >> we just completed the marathon. fred has renal failure and has 20% of the kidney function that we do. there are new studies lately showing that you have especially this disease exercise helps everything. it helps kidney disease as well. as far as working out, whenever training he stays in better shape. he has president had to go on dialysis. he also has prostate cancer.
6:52 am
so i brought fred out as an example that you have don't any excuse. fred is only a young 86. >> how was the marathon? >> it was tough. i couldn't have done it without this lady, though. i'll concede to that. >> you did it over two days? >> we did the pre, an 8.1 and a 5, and then we did the half marathon in person at the marathon. two times, really three. it has not been documented. >> they are working on it. >> they turned it in just two days ago. >> the race director did that. bauds of his situation, he could do it, because -- but we also wanted to be cautious because kidney failure is pretty
6:53 am
significant, to say the least. >> so your word to your viewers is? >> i would like to talk about what this lady did for me, if i may. without her i could not have done it completely. i want the world to know this. i did not do a 26.2 walking as we just described. it had to be done in segments as a result of the racing director who came up with this. he knew i had problems last year. his people had lots of compassion for me. as a result, because of this lady, and the way i had to lean on her -- >> we leaned on each other. >> this lady has been all over the world doing volunteer work, and she did it for me. >> fred, you encouraged me. >> we are running out of time. i thank you for coming on anding such an inspiration for those watching. you can do it at any age.
6:54 am
>> absolutely. just get out there a
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>> and now a preview of the movie "hop." you can visit our facebook page about more information how you can win a family four-pack to preview the new holiday film. it is on wbal-tv's facebook
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page. just click on "contest" to win. >> but don't look at the popcorn contents, because you don't want to know, right? that was in our last hour. >> today will be great. in the 40's and sun. >> have a nice day.
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>> fans preparing for exciting days ahead. "the wall street journal" examined each major league team by the movement made and the net quality of the players it ended up with. key acquisitions make the orioles look good. orioles fans are ready to hear the crack of the bat when one is ripped over the wall at camden yards. this may be the season fans have looked for. at wbal-tv, we, too, are ready for opening day. 1090 wbal-tv a.m. in the off-season, the momentum of spring training continues. the colors not only represent halloween, but the team colors of the american league and the world series of the baltimore world series of the baltimore orioles.
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